During the 1940's, Claire and Aimé Besner entertained family and friends in a small sugar shack with a rustic style. In 1980, their son François and his wife Ghyslaine took it over. At the time, it entertained only small groups for the sugaring season.

After a fire in 1999, the Besner family rebuilt a new maple grove while keeping its style from the old days. Each year since 2000, L'Érabliere du ruisseau welcome those who are fan of the sugaring season.

In a quest for constant improvement, L'Érablière has been through several modifications during the last few years. Now, there is a large reception room, a dancing room, a mezzanine and an outdoor terrace. Come taste the sweetness of a good traditional meal in an enchanting scenery.



Claire and Aimé Besner   François and Ghyslaine Besner
Aimé and Claire Besner Ghyslaine and François Besner